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If you want to view a complete list of AMC’s registered in LA just type an "A" in the "AMC name" blank and hit "Submit Search".

Input a part of the legal registered name or trade name to search for an AMC.
  For example, to search for "Jane & John Realty, Inc." you would input either "Jane" or "John" without the quotation marks.

Explanation of License Status

Each search result will include information on the current status of the license. While some license status categories are self-explanatory, further explanation is required of some, as indicated below:

2019 renewal application emailed to licensee means that the renewal has been sent to the licensee for completion.

Renewal application NOT processed due to ERROR means that a problem renewal has been processed, but the license has not been issued.

Ready to print means that a renewal application has been received and processed by the LREC, and the license is in the queue to print.

If you intend to use the license number as part of the licensee search, it is not necessary to enter the leading zeros in the license number. 
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