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R.S. 37:3401.D (2012, Act 429) (Add a link to 3401) provides for reciprocal licenses:

D. If the board determines that another jurisdiction has substantially equivalent certification or license requirements to those of this state, the board may enter into a reciprocal agreement with the appropriate authority to allow any resident applicant who is certified under the laws of that jurisdiction to obtain a reciprocal license as a real estate appraiser in this state. The terms and conditions shall be determined by written agreement between the jurisdictions.

Note that there is a distinct difference between a reciprocal license and a non-resident license. A reciprocal license may be issued to a licensed or certified real estate appraiser by virtue of substantially equivalent licensing or certification requirements in the appraiser’s resident state. Non-resident applicants, on the other hand, are residents of states that do not have substantially equivalent licensing or certification requirements; therefore, non-resident applicants must complete the same licensing process that resident applicants are required to complete, including testing and experience review.